Why You Need a Website if you Have an Etsy Shop

Many artist and crafters find some success selling their handmade items through an Etsy shop.  Generally, crafters use Etsy because it’s fairly easy to set up and sell their items without needing a ton of technical knowledge.  It is a quick way to get their handmade items in front of buyers searching for handmade goods, but there are a number of pressing reasons why they should also have a website.

It’s Difficult to Be Unique on Etsy
Etsy is a marketplace of individuals selling handmade items.  Your Etsy shop is going to look like every other Etsy shop, making it difficult to be unique.  You may even find other sellers on the site borrowing your product descriptions, and eventually everyone selling handmade pottery bowls may have similar product descriptions as the other Etsy sellers with similar pottery bowls. When shoppers come to the site looking for pottery bowls, there is little to distinguish one seller over another.

When you have a website to sell your goods, it is less likely that your product descriptions will be copied by other sellers.  Your website visitors are only going to see your own products and not be faced with countless other shop owners selling similar items at the click of a mouse.  It is common for customers to comparison shop, so when they’re shopping through Etsy, chances are they’re going to end up buying based on price rather than quality.

Search Engine Traffic (SEO)
It is harder to get search engine rankings for an Etsy shop than it is for a website. Which results to missing out on internet traffic from people searching for items and products to buy.  Etsy shop owners frequently complain about low sales volume as a result of the competition from other Etsy shop owners.

Google changes their algorithm regularly, but recent updates to the way in which Google ranks websites in the search listings is based on duplicate content. If all the shops on Etsy selling pottery bowls have similar descriptions, they may all be penalized by Google and receive less search engine traffic for having duplicate content.

Etsy Shops owners benefit greatly by having a simple website that has a gallery with photos and commentary of their work, with links to the items in their Etsy shop. This way they can reap all the benefits of a website without the additional cost and hassle of setting up a secondary merchant account.

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