I will work with you to come up with a unique, personalized and professionally designed website, that will reflect your brand and be designed to help you achieve your goals. Your website will possess friendly navigation that is flexible for future expansion to grow with your changing needs.

Domain Name and Website Hosting
I prefer clients have their domain name (URL) and hosting service in place, so the website and content is owned solely by you. Once a website is designed and implemented, you risk losing the ability to take it with you if you decide to work with another web designer or update it yourself. The effort to transfer or retake ownership is costly, time consuming and frustrating. I will be happy to assist and provide instructions to you in setting up your URL and hosting.

My personal hosting service recommendations are HostGator and HostPond. I will design your website then upload the files to your web hosting service.

If you don’t need a domain name or the URL name does not need to be specific, your website can reside under the URL and be hosted free of charge. If you choose this option, please realize that the URL will begin with, instead of your own unique domain name. However the name following can be any name of your choice and will reside within the URL address.