Latest Website Design Trends

Big and Bold
A big trend on websites right now is big and bold. Big bold text, usually placed over a large photo, one liner text that describes what the company does to welcome visitors to the site. Imagine a beautiful photo on your site that fills up the entire screen, providing your audience with an inside look into your company or business. When done correctly, big background photos can make your website stand out from others and provide an in-depth user experience where your visitors feel connected to you and your brand. The idea of big and bold is becoming popular because of its quick, digestible usability. From websites to mobile applications, everybody likes to click on nice readable words and buttons.

Less is More
No one wants to look at pages that are cluttered and overcrowded with graphics, photographs, texts and random flying objects. A cleaner page is easier to navigate and understand. More websites are now using only one or two colors instead of the eye-popping graphics and animation of the past. The new trend is to use one bright and clean background color. The effect is super minimalist and user-friendly.

Flat Design
Flat was one of the biggest trends to emerge in 2013 and is going even stronger in 2015. Flat pages rarely introduce dimensionality or textures, relying instead on visual clarity and bold colors to communicate. Companies from Taco Bell to Apple are dropping Skeuomorphic design and moving to a flat design by stripping away pretty much any design element that isn’t 100% purposeful in the function of the product. This involves getting rid of 3-D graphics and gradients and basically just using flat shapes and indicators to help the user have a more accessible experience.

You can expect to see less boring fonts on websites in 2015, such as the standard serif or san-serif fonts like Times New Roman, Helvetica, etc. More designers are using fonts with uniqueness and personality on websites and in logos. Some of these can be fun and playful while others are artistic but still professional.

Responsive Web Design
Responsive Web Design is another big trend. Designers are working more and more on keeping sites functioning on mobile devices. Things like logins, social media integration, email subscriptions, endless scrolling and many other features are making sites much easier to use on phones and tablets, which is what most users are using more and more of these days.

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