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About Cybercat Designs

Cybercat Designs, LLC is located in Beaverton Oregon and offers beautifully handcrafted websites at an affordable price.


I cater to small entrepreneur businesses, artists and crafters who cannot afford the high prices that website building companies charge. I understand the requirements that go into designing a compelling and expressive website that will effectively showcase the products and services of my clients.


I possess an AAS in both graphic and commercial art, along with a certificate in web design and 15 years of experience crafting custom websites. I blend art and technology to conjure outside the box websites that are beautifully balanced and user friendly.


Dedicated to quality and attention to detail, my goal and mission is to expand advertising and business creditability for my clients. I am committed to providing my clients with an online presence by designing a website that reflects their unique business and will engage the interest and attention of their visitors and viewing audience.